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Thursday, December 19, 2013 // 4 comments

So after reading Kim's blog, I finally decided to blog about my life again lol. I was really lazy over the past few months to keep this blog alive, so forgive me please.

School ended on November 15 and I went for Megan Nicole's concert that evening. It was a memorable experience because not only did I get to see her perform live, but I got to meet her as well! I dragged my good friend Liz along with me to attend this concert, and we ended up buying the meet-and-greet passes as well haha. I approached her with a hug and I was really awestruck to see her up close! She is beyond flawless and is extremely beautiful! Apart from her, I also got to meet her really cute drummer and sister! It was a blissful and amazing night. :-)

On November 17 I participated in Singapore's Run for Hope marathon. Even though I was so enthusiastic to run when I registered, I was reluctant to finish the 10km run the day before because I was having a sore throat and was worried that it would get worse. Thankfully I managed to finish running the very very long 10km in 1 hour 20 minutes! #achievementunlocked haha, it may not be a good timing but I'm satisfied with it because it was my first marathon and I'm just glad it was under 2 hours lol.

The next week, my class and I volunteered for The Soup Kitchen. It's a non-governmental organisation that prepares and serves food for the needy people. I learnt a lot in these 5 days, from chopping vegetables to frying/peeling tons of eggs to packing food and even sending these food to them! I still remember the happy faces the elderly gave us when they saw our van approaching their block. It was definitely a meaningful experience. :-) I would love to go back again someday!

After a hectic week I went back to Malaysia for a week and headed to Hong Kong and Macau after that!
Hong Kong is a small place with cooling weather, but my skin couldn't really adapt to it. It was too dry. :-(
I preferred Macau because the hotel rooms were way more spacious and the Portuguese egg tarts! Omg I really loved eating them, I wish we could bring them back here but it's not allowed. :-(

After I came back from Hong Kong, I had only two days of rest before heading to my church's Youth Camp 2013. I came down with a cold once I reached Singapore so I couldn't enjoy myself to the fullest in the first two days. I even had to miss the second day to rest at home. :/

So throughout these four days, we played an Angel-Mortal activity. Each person is given a mortal to take of, so that means each one of us has an angel who will take care of us. When I say "take care", I mean by sending letters of encouragement or small gifts like sweets to your mortal.

I gotta admit, at first I was pretty bummed that I was the oldest member in my team. Like really, even my team leader was younger than me. My partner for every activity was a 13 year old girl lol, can you imagine how awkward and out of place I felt? So naturally I expected my angel to be someone younger than me, and I didn't expect my angel to send me gifts/notes everyday. To my surprise, he did way more than what I expected. I was really touched by his small yet very sweet notes and really thankful that God made me his mortal. :')
We were all supposed to reveal ourselves on the last day of camp, and when he approached me I got the shock of my life. He was the same age as me and he's entering NS next year! I was really shocked and because of it I think it made our meeting awkward lol.

It was my first time joining a church camp and I'm really glad I had fun! Not to forget the many friendships forged throughout the four days. I'm very blessed to be in an awesome CG and team! 
I can't wait for many more church events in the future! :-)

Back on a more personal note, I finally managed to wear contacts! Woohooooooooo it took me like 40 minutes at my first try hahahaha I'm so glad I could do it! :D

Oh wow this is a long post, hope you were entertained.
toodles x

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